New Year Message



(Chairman of Central Asia Technology-Li Xinde)
Respected leaders at all levels, partners, all employees and friends from all walks of life:
Jade rabbit bid farewell to the old spring, dragon spring and new. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, on behalf of the board of directors of the company, I would like to extend to leaders at all levels who have long cared for and supported the development of Central Asia, to all partners who have been cooperating with Central Asia for a win-win situation, and to all employees and friends from all walks of life running on the road of pursuing dreams!
The past year has been a year of challenges and opportunities, difficulties and hopes, and a year for our company to face difficulties. With the joint efforts of all employees, the strong support of all family members, the careful management of all management personnel, and the strong support of leaders at all levels, partners and friends from all walks of life, we have successfully achieved the company's predetermined goals.
Over the past year, we have alwaysInsistThe development concept of "seeking victory in stability, continuous innovation, and striving for breakthroughs" strictly controls product quality and service, works hard on quality and quality, strengthens internal management, improves self-literacy, and does a good job in product positioning to ensure that it is in the fierce market. Stand up against the wind in the competition and create the characteristics of Central Asian science and technology.
     InsistIn-depth investigation and management of hidden dangers, do a good job in the supervision of production safety in all posts, institutionalize and normalize the investigation of hidden dangers, put an end to the emergence of new hidden dangers, and ensure safe production and healthy development.
     InsistImplement the performance appraisal mechanism, implement the accountability system, give full play to the positive energy, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, improve the efficiency of operation and production, concentrate, stimulate vitality, and let the assessment create benefits.
     InsistIntroduce talents, recruit talents with high education or above as reserve cadres, let them exercise and train on the production line, make them become the backbone of technology and management, and prepare for the company's later development with reserve forces.
 InsistUnremitting to promote the spirit of labor, the spirit of model workers, and the spirit of craftsmen, encourage the advanced, and spur the backward, a number of advanced collectives and individuals have emerged, established righteousness, and enterprises have developed healthily.
   InsistParticipate in public welfare activities such as helping the poor, donating to school, and rural revitalization, devote themselves to various public welfare undertakings, give back to the society, and fulfill the social responsibilities of an enterprise.
Time flies, the stars change, joy with sweat, success with hardship, regret to encourage struggle.
Looking back on 2023 and looking forward to 2024, we will continue to implement"Innovative products, high quality, safety, efficiency, excellent environment, tree image"Eighteen-character policy goal, make every effort to create" to provide high-quality, efficient, and environmentally friendly products for the society as the corporate mission, innovative products as the leading, energy-saving, environmental protection, and quality as the goal, build a high-quality guaranteed and competitive The competitive advantage products, make the country's domestic market, open up the international market, fully enter the European and American markets, and make every effort to promote the company to become the first brand in the domestic industry and internationally renowned brand, continue to write the legend of Central Asia technology in China's waterproof fabric industry! In terms of service, we will continue to improve the internal management system, continue to uphold the concept of "customer first, integrity management", continuously improve product quality and service level, and create greater value for customers.
In the new year, I look forward to working with you to create a more brilliant future and continue to write a new chapter of scientific and technological development in Central Asia.
Finally, I once again wish everyone a happy New Year! Good health! Family happiness! All the best! auspicious year of the dragon! Let us meet a better tomorrow! Thank you all!

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