Jiangxi Zhongya Technology Co., Ltd. Annual Summary and Commendation Celebration Conference Successfully




(Jiangxi Central Asia Technology Co., Ltd. annual summary and commendation celebration group photo)

At 14:28 p. m. on January 24, the venue of the Central Asia Science and Technology Annual Summary and Commendation Celebration Conference was solemnly held in Yuanyuan Wedding Villa. Leaders attending the meeting included: Chairman Li Xinde, General Manager Zheng Hele, Vice President of Finance and Planning Chen Minshang, Vice President of Production Li Xinshang, Vice President of Overseas Affairs Office Zheng Hexi, heads of departments and all employees of the company, and Vice President of Marketing Chen Minxiang were unable to attend the meeting due to a business trip.

(Assembly home)

The meeting was held in two phases. The first stage held a summary and commendation meeting.


(Chairman Li Xinde delivered an important speech)

At the meeting, Chairman Li XindeAnd do the titleChallenges and opportunities coexist,ContinueComposeCentral AsiaDevelopmentNewHua Zhangimportant speech.Li Dong from the current international and domestic situation analysis; We are required to strictly control product quality and service, and all employees should be responsible and cherish this job.he stressed:ToGive full play to the positive energy strong, mobilize employees activelySex, improve production efficiency, and never allow the truth of the problem to be concealed. Whoever has a problem must be held accountable.he stressed:Safety in production is benefit, and the development of enterprises cannot be separated from safety. He cited the lessons of the accident in March and asked to find out whether there are similar phenomena around the work, and gradually eliminate the paralysis, fluke and habit psychology that exist in the body. Over time, we consciously resist all kinds of habitual violations, learn emergency handling skills, and completely eliminate all kinds of man-made responsibility accidents;he stressed:Each on-site post operation personnel should learn to deal with all kinds of unexpected accidents, so that the accident obliterated in the bud. The first-line workshop directors and squad leaders of each workshop must learn the common sense of emergency handling, train the staff of the department well, and improve their emergency handling ability. It is necessary to continue to in-depth investigation and management of hidden dangers, do a good job in the supervision of production safety at all posts, and practice various emergency disposal drills.

he stressed:Insist"Innovative products, high quality, safety, efficiency, excellent environment, tree image"Eighteen characters is still the company's development policy and goal, to build a high-quality guaranteed and create competitive superior products. In terms of products, we will be committed to increasing innovation. Only innovation can produce high-quality products. Customers will feel the people-oriented product concept of Central Asia Science and Technology. We should bear in mind our duty and mission, be loyal to our duties and work diligently.he stressed that,Safety in production is efficiency, and enterprise development is inseparable from safety,The development goal of Central Asia is based on the premise of employee safety, product safety, environmental safety and quality safety, so as to achieve benefits from safety, quality and management. Only by increasing the efficiency of enterprises, can they get long-term development, can they have the economic foundation to improve our working environment, living environment and innovation environment, can Central Asian science and technology be invincible forever, and can truly establish the image of the leader in the waterproof fabric industry.

He said that challenges and opportunities coexist,The new year has a long way to go, and there are still many unexpected difficulties on the way forward. We must keep up with the international and domestic situation, and grasp the awareness of innovation, quality, safety, efficiency, environmental awareness, performance, and responsibility; the development of the enterprise cannot be separated from everyone's support, and the prosperity of the enterprise cannot be separated from your dedication. I sincerely hope that all employees will devote themselves to the construction of the enterprise with the sense of responsibility of the master, the overall situation, the enterprising spirit of innovation, and the working attitude of excellence, to make new contributions to the development of the enterprise,Continue to write a new chapter of scientific and technological development in Central Asia。 

Finally, he said that the Spring Festival is coming soon. I wish all employees good health, happy family, smooth work and good luck in the year of the dragon!

At the meeting, Li Xinang, deputy general manager in charge of production, reported on the company's overall production situation and product quality problems in the past year, the implementation of management effectiveness, corporate culture construction, etc., and put forward new goals for this year's work.


(Deputy General Manager Li Xinfang Summary Report)

Workshop director representatives Liu Yandong, Tang Yunnan and Zhu Yongjun made the meeting respectively."Strive for a new era, write a new journey","Unity, cooperation, responsibility, cohesion and common development","Safety, quality, energy saving and environment are always our goals", as the theme of the statement;

In his speech, Liu Yandong, director of the first department, summed up the achievements and shortcomings in the past, and put forward the next step: "continue to deepen the understanding of the" seven consciousness "put forward by the chairman, strengthen the management of production safety, refine the rules and regulations, transform the way of education and training, and strengthen the echelon training of talents"Learn together, make progress together, and write a new future of science and technology in Central Asia.

Tang Yunnan, head of the second department, mentioned in his speechContinue to implement"UnityCollaboration and responsibility, cohesion and common development"Tubephilosophy,"On the premise of paying special attention to safety and quality work, emergency plans will be formulated according to the four-color division requirements of the department's safety risks. In daily work, pre-training will be carried out so that every employee can be safe for everyone and meet emergency needs. Do a good job in staff ideological education, safety education, safety operation procedures, do a good job in energy saving and consumption reduction, cost accounting, and contribute all their strength to the take-off of science and technology in Central Asia.

Zhu Yongjun, director of the coating workshop, said in his speech"Safety, quality, energy saving and environment are always our goals"Safety in production, product quality, energy saving and consumption reduction, environmental sanitation,Improve quality management, do all the work with due diligence, and make greater contributions to the overall development of the company.


(Workshop Director speaking)

At the commendation meeting, the host read 《On Recognition of 2022 and 2023Full production advanced teams and quarterly and annual advanced individual decisionsThe document.Decided to honorThere are 16 advanced production teams and groups, 26 advanced employees in the quarter, and 8 advanced individuals in the year,SimultaneouslyIt is hoped that the individuals and teams to be commended will cherish the honor, guard against arrogance and rashness, make persistent efforts and strive for greater achievements. Call on the whole department to take the advanced as an example, fulfill their duties, work hard, strive for excellence, constantly create a new situation in the all-round development of science and technology in Central Asia, and work hard to realize the two dreams of science and technology in Central Asia!

(The host reads the commendation document)

The leaders seated on the rostrum presented prizes and certificates to the winning teams and advanced individuals respectively.

(Chairman Li Xinde presented awards and took photos for the advanced safety production teams in 2022 and 2023)

(General Manager Zheng Lehe presented awards and took photos for advanced individuals in 2022 and 2023)

(Chief Financial Officer Chen Minshang presented awards and took photos for the first quarterly advanced individuals in 2022 and 2023)

(Deputy General Managers Zheng Hexi and Li Xinshang presented awards and took photos for the second batch of quarterly advanced individuals in 2022 and 2023 respectively)

(Company leaders and all the winners of the group photo)

In the second stage, the 2023 annual dinner and the prize-winning session were held.

(Chairman Li Xinde led the company's team leaders to raise their glasses to celebrate)

(Celebration site)

The prize-winning session was filled with a joyous and festive atmosphere.

First prize: 5 (the prize isThree-piece set of high-grade kitchenware worth 598 yuan)

Second prize: 10 (the prize is worth 298 yuanSimulated human kneading care cervical massage pillow)

Third prize: 15 (The prize is a stainless steel temperature display thermos cup worth 120 yuan.)

(Chief Financial Officer Chen Minshang and Vice President Li Xinshang drew the third prize and took a photo with the winners)

(General Manager Zheng He Le and Vice President Zheng He Xi drew the second prize and took a group photo with the winners)

(Chairman Li Xinde drew the first prizeand take a photo with the winners)

The annual summary and commendation ceremony of Jiangxi Zhongya Technology Co., Ltd. was a complete success in the applause that resounded through the venue!

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