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Warmly congratulate Jiangxi Central Asia Science and Technology Co., Ltd. on the grand start of the founding ceremony

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On May 30, 2013, Jiangxi Central Asia Science and Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand foundation-laying ceremony in Dongsheng Industrial Park, Dongxiang County, Jiangxi Province. Four sets of leading groups and the main leaders of functional departments of Dongxiang County, Jiangxi Province, came to the scene. Xu Pingyu, the county governor, announced the opening order and expressed good wishes for the start of the project.
Chairman Li Xinde, representing 20 enterprises, delivered a speech at the commencement ceremony of 20 industrial projects during the implementation phase of the "Four Great Projects" in Dongxiang, Jiangxi Province. Li Dong said that the choice of Dongxiang is to feel the sincere and sincere leadership of Dongxiang and the enthusiasm for investment, the urgency of businessmen, the desire of businessmen, the superiority of investment environment, the strong support of leaders at all levels in the development of Dongxiang, and create a "most respected and uncompromising" atmosphere for businessmen. We believe that we will build and put into operation as soon as possible, make due contributions to the economic prosperity of Dongxiang and the development of enterprises themselves, and we will surely create the industrial brilliance of Dongxiang.
Jiangxi Central Asia Science and Technology Co., Ltd. invested 200 million yuan in Dongsheng Industrial Park, Dongxiang County, Jiangxi Province, covering an area of 167 mu, with a building area of more than 70,000 square meters, to create a garden-like greening plant with beautiful environment. Adhering to the tenet of "scientific and technological innovation, pursuit of excellence" and the management concept of "survival by quality and development by reputation", the company sets up its corporate image with "harmonious culture, fine culture and environmental protection culture". Standing at a new historical starting point, the staff of Jiangxi Central Asia Science and Technology Co., Ltd. will make unremitting efforts to create high-quality products and better serve a wide range of industries by relying on scientific development. New and old customers, customer satisfaction is the company's eternal pursuit.