Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Gong Jianhua visited Zhongya Science and Technology Company many times to inspect the construction of the project.





On September 10, 2013, Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Gong Jianhua, accompanied by Dongxiang County Party Committee Secretary Guan Xingen and County Mayor Xu Pingxiang, came to the Central Asia Science and Technology Site for many times to guide the work, understand the company's construction progress, and care about the construction safety of the site. Chairman Li Xinde thanked Secretary Gong for his arrival and reported to Secretary Gong Jianhua in detail the progress of the high-speed project and the early completion of equipment installation.

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Wen Zhenkui, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Fuzhou Municipal People's Procuratorate and Chief Prosecutor, and others visited Jiangxi Zhongya Technology Co., Ltd.

On the morning of April 17, the Fuzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate held a research symposium on “Asking Enterprises and Protecting Enterprises and Aviation” at Jiangxi Zhongya Technology Co., Ltd. Before the symposium, Wen Zhenkui, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chief Prosecutor of the Fuzhou Municipal Procuratorate, led members of the research team including Wang Ting, Director of the Third Procuratorial Department, Wang Ping, Director of the Fifth Procuratorate Department, and Li Xiaojun, Director of the Sixth Procuratorate Department, at the Party Secretary and Procuratorate of the Dongxiang District People’s Procuratorate. Deputy Prosecutor General Wang Jianghui accompanied the visit and investigation of Zhongya Technology; Li Xinde, member of the Standing Committee of the Fuzhou CPPCC, Chairman of the Fuzhou Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, and Chairman of Jiangxi Zhongya Technology, extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Prosecutor General Wen Zhenkui and his delegation and accompanied them Research.