Chairman's Mid-Autumn Festival Letter of Condolence to All Staff



Letter of Condolence to All Staff on Mid-Autumn Festival
Chairman Li Xinde
Fellow employees:
In the golden autumn of September, the fruits are fruitful and the sweet osmanthus is fragrant. On the occasion of the traditional festival-Mid-Autumn Festival, on behalf of all shareholders of the Central Asia Board of Directors, I would like to extend my high respect to the employees who stick to their posts and the salesmen who work hard outside. And cordial greetings!
During the festive season, we think twice about our relatives. At this time, we cannot go home to reunite with our families due to the long distance from work and distance. At the full moon, we all share the nourishment of love and the exchange of family affection. Under the long moon, we yearn for the beauty of the beautiful day and the happiness of our family. Love and being loved are both happy. Because of love, our hearts are full of sense of responsibility. "lifting myself to look, I found that it was moonlight, and lowering my head to think of my hometown." let's bless our parents and relatives in the distance and send our greetings from our hearts!
More than half of the past 18 years have passed. Under the correct leadership of the company's board of directors and senior management, the company has shown a thriving scene. In the workshop, there is a busy scene every day, and every employee is conscientiously sticking to his post. In the office, in the kitchen and in the security room, Central Asians are busy and working hard every day. There are also Central Asians who go to the front line of sales, and they are even working day and night to serve the company's customers. Your sweat and your youth are all related to the fate of Central Asia. The achievements of Central Asia today are all due to your youth. We express our inner gratitude. Over the years, our Central Asia company has formed a fine tradition of love and dedication, hard work and hard work by relying on the dream of employees and the dream of Central Asia. We have adhered to the belief that we are not afraid of dirt, hardship and tiredness, and have made an indelible contribution to the realization of the development strategy and grand goals of Central Asia!
The moon is especially round on the Mid-Autumn Festival, and I think twice about my relatives during the festive season. We feel together, share happy mood and happy time together. At the same time, we hope to feel and share the joy of the company's continuous growth with you and your family. I hope that all employees will devote themselves to new work with stronger motivation and wisdom, give full play to the company's excellent cultural heritage "team spirit", work hard, and strive to achieve the common goal!
Venerable, virtue all over the world!
Wise man, talent is good!
You are every brick and tile in Central Asia, and the integration of every excellent brick and tile has also created the talent of Central Asia!
I firmly believe that with the creative work of all employees and our united struggle, tenacious struggle and hard work, we will surely create a more beautiful and brilliant tomorrow in Central Asia!
Finally, I wish all employees a happy and joyful Mid-Autumn Festival. I wish you good health, a happy holiday, a happy family and all the best.

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