New Year Message



New Year Message
Chairman of Jiangxi Zhongya Science and Technology-Li Xinde

Dear leaders, partners, employees and friends from all walks of life:
The golden tiger roars away from the old year, and the jade rabbit presents the new year. We bid farewell to 2022, which is full of challenges and has climbed over the tiger's back, and usher in a brand-new moment of raising eyebrows and showing great "rabbit. Here, on behalf of the company's board of directors, I would like to extend my warmest condolences and best wishes to all of you!
In 2022, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, the District Party Committee, and the District Government, with the care and support of all leaders, with the sincere hand-in-hand of all partners, and with the hard work of all employees day and night, and the "two non-stop" during holidays With the joint efforts, we have overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic, achieved encouraging performance, and completed the established production tasks and work goals.
Standing at the beginning of the year, we look back with joy. Looking back at 2022, it is not easy, not simple, and even extraordinary. In the past year, we have completed 2 new product research and development, 6 product patent applications, 3 invention patent applications, and 7 various projects. At present, we have 47 practical patents, 5 invention patents, and 12 new products. The research and development of these new products and project applications enhance the company's position in the industry, and at the same time create favorable conditions for the company's later development.
In public welfare activities such as helping the poor, donating money to help students, filial piety and talent villages, and epidemic prevention and control, the company enthusiastically donated money and materials, totaling more than 500,000 yuan, to fulfill the social responsibility of an enterprise.
In terms of talent introduction, the company began to recruit talents with high academic qualifications at or above the college level as reserve cadres this year, so that they can be trained and trained on the production line, so that they can become the backbone of technology and management, and have a reserve force for the company's later development. Preparation work.
Three years of epidemic smog has passed. In the new year, we will continue to implement the 18-character policy of "innovative products, high quality, safety, efficiency, environment and image", elevating the company to a new level and making every effort to create "providing high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly products for the society as the corporate mission, taking new products as the leading factor, energy saving, environmental protection and quality as the goal, develop new energy and new materials with high cost performance products, strengthen the domestic market, open up the international market, fully enter the European and American markets, and make every effort to promote the company to become the first brand in the domestic industry and an internationally renowned brand, and write the legend of Chinese waterproof fabrics! In terms of service, we will continue to improve the internal management system and do our best in all aspects of service. Continue to unremittingly carry forward the spirit of labor, the spirit of model workers, the spirit of craftsmen.
The spring breeze is mighty and new, and it does not live up to the ten thousand miles of Shaohua. Once again, I wish you all good luck in the Year of the Rabbit, everything goes well and the whole family is happy!
January 21, 2003

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Wen Zhenkui, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Fuzhou Municipal People's Procuratorate and Chief Prosecutor, and others visited Jiangxi Zhongya Technology Co., Ltd.

On the morning of April 17, the Fuzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate held a research symposium on “Asking Enterprises and Protecting Enterprises and Aviation” at Jiangxi Zhongya Technology Co., Ltd. Before the symposium, Wen Zhenkui, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chief Prosecutor of the Fuzhou Municipal Procuratorate, led members of the research team including Wang Ting, Director of the Third Procuratorial Department, Wang Ping, Director of the Fifth Procuratorate Department, and Li Xiaojun, Director of the Sixth Procuratorate Department, at the Party Secretary and Procuratorate of the Dongxiang District People’s Procuratorate. Deputy Prosecutor General Wang Jianghui accompanied the visit and investigation of Zhongya Technology; Li Xinde, member of the Standing Committee of the Fuzhou CPPCC, Chairman of the Fuzhou Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, and Chairman of Jiangxi Zhongya Technology, extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Prosecutor General Wen Zhenkui and his delegation and accompanied them Research.