Speech on Celebrating National Day and Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival-Li Xinde, Chairman of Central Asia Science and Technology



Fellow employees:
Golden phoenix send cool, sweet osmanthus fragrance. On the occasion of the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival-at the same time, on behalf of all shareholders of the Central Asia Science and Technology Board, I would like to extend my high respect and cordial greetings to the employees who stick to their posts and the hard-working marketing personnel who are on the road!
2020 is an extraordinary year, the once-in-a-century outbreak of new crown pneumonia sweeping the world, from the beginning of the year, the menacing, to bring a lot of inconvenience to people, to the country to bring unprecedented challenges to control the epidemic, to bring huge economic losses to many enterprises, the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the national people and the fight against the epidemic of meritorious efforts to achieve a comprehensive victory. The fight against the epidemic also has your silent contribution to society and enterprises, after the epidemic has been brought under control, you actively respond to the company's call, do not give up on time the whole body into the enterprise to resume production, to ensure that the enterprise in the scheduled time to resume production.
At present, affected by the global epidemic and the US trade war, the export trade and the benefits of various enterprises have been greatly impacted. The domestic and foreign market economy is unstable. We must all have a sense of urgency and a sense of crisis. The current stable development of enterprises is the last word. We must cherish the Central Asian development platform, and how to reflect our respective life values is a question we need to think about. First of all, we control the quality, problems, find out the causes, solve the problems, quality is the life of the enterprise, we must strictly control the quality of products and give full play to the brand effect. This requires every employee to have a strong sense of responsibility, professionalism, but also need to have a sense of quality service. We must insist on the goal of production management and not relax. We must grasp the goal management with the attitude of decisive battle and the confidence of winning. We must do a good job in safe production management. Quality will always be the main body of our enterprise. We must attach importance to cost, ensure safety, manage quality and grasp benefits. We must do a good job in every process from the perspectives of formula, energy consumption and operation skills. Achieve upper and lower linkages, form a joint force, further strengthen detailed work, quantify goals and tasks, implement responsibilities at all levels, focus on performance appraisal, strengthen pre-job training, and actively promote comprehensive performance appraisal.
Continue to vigorously promote righteousness and give full play to the advantages of the positive energy of the Central Asian team. People's hearts and enterprises need a steady stream of Confucianism with "positive energy". At the same time, they also need to stimulate, enhance and transmit "positive energy". It is the light and heat to beautify enterprises, the elimination of bad practices in enterprises, the strong boost of morale, the promotion of good and the suppression of evil. We should resolutely put an end to the idea of forming cliques and breeding corruption, advocate appointing people on their merits, oppose cronyism, vigorously carry forward advanced deeds and excavate advanced models. Only when the "positive energy" is accumulated, ignited, and used, the "negative energy" will disappear, our company will become more and more energetic and warm, and our employees will become more and more exciting and happy.
More than half of 2020 has passed. Under the correct leadership of the company's board of directors and senior management, the company has always adhered to the 18-character policy of "innovative products, high quality, safety protection, efficiency enhancement, excellent environment and image building". From 2020 to now, the company has developed new PVC plastic film products in product innovation: environmentally friendly colored super-permeable PVC raincoat film and environmentally friendly cold-resistant and highly elastic PVC film. Waterproof fabric series products: water pants cloth and bath barrel cloth, A total of four new products, complete the provincial declaration. In terms of focusing on the protection of product research and development results, it has completed the application for a total of 8 patents such as bath barrel cloth and water pants cloth; in order to increase the company's popularity, improve product technology content and product quality advantages, the company has applied for trademark cloth and high flame retardant ceiling Decorative film two invention patents; since this year, the company has made great progress in terms of R & D and innovation, product quality, and safety management, it is inseparable from the hard work of all managers and all employees.
The osmanthus blossoms, emits bursts of fragrance, is the arrival of autumn, is the harvest season, we must work together, unite, work hard, forge ahead, in order to fully complete the goals and tasks in 2020, and create new science and technology for Central Asia. History, new glory and work hard! Central Asia Science and Technology shoulders the important task of the times. On the road of development, we will use more high morale and more heroic passion to build Central Asia Science and Technology into a domestic industry leader and the first international brand. The two dreams of Central Asia Science and Technology, namely the employee dream and the Central Asia dream, work hard!
Finally, I wish our motherland a happy birthday in advance! I wish all staff a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wish you all a happy and joyful National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. I wish you good health, a happy holiday, a happy family and all the best.

30 September 2020

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