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To all the staff condolences letter to Central Asia Science and Technology Chairman Li Xinde 

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on this New China 70th Birthday National Day and the traditional festival-Mid-Autumn Festival double Festival, on behalf of all the shareholders of the Central Asian Science and Technology Board, I would like to extend high respect and cordial greetings to the employees who stick to their posts and the salespeople who have worked hard outside the country! From the first day you entered Central Asia, you have already been people in Central Asia. The future of Central Asia depends on the spirit of hard work, the team spirit of sincere cooperation, the spirit of excellence and innovation. The general situation of these spirits is our spirit of Central Asia, and at the same time depends on positive energy propaganda and implementation. It is everyone's joint efforts to create a better future in Central Asia. Our employees have blank people, there are passionate people, but what I see is a lot of hot-blooded dreamers, you face the sun every day, you actively work in the production line, busy in the logistics cafeteria, obscurity in the office and other positions, as well as go to the sales front of the Central Asian people, but also day and night, painstaking work for the company's customers. You are every brick and tile in Central Asia, the integration of every excellent brick and tile, but also created the talent building in Central Asia, you are dedicated to the development of the company in their youth and strength, knowledge and wisdom, in order to reflect their own value, in order to-a family responsibility, a duty to honor their parents, in order to add a new page in the glorious years to come, but also to achieve their dreams and strive hard!
It is hoped that all staff will vigorously carry forward positive energy and put an end to fallacies and evils. Positive energy is a kind of healthy optimistic, positive driving force and emotion, the positive spirit of the enterprise, is the motive force of the development of the enterprise, can provide the strong moral support and the spiritual strength for the whole enterprise; Positive energy can promote the development of our company and drive our company forward. We should actively carry out the 18-character policy goal of "innovative products, high quality, ensuring safety, increasing efficiency, excellent environment and building image", so as to promote the steady and healthy development of Central Asia. Let us move forward together, meet the challenges, carry forward the spirit of Central Asia, make common progress, work together and develop together, and strive for the realization of the "two goals" and the "two dreams". I firmly believe that all the staff and workers are full of creative labor, with our unity and struggle, tenacious struggle and hard work, will create a more beautiful and brilliant tomorrow in Central Asia! Finally, I wish our motherland a happy 70th birthday in advance! I wish all the staff a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. I wish you good health, a happy holiday, a happy family and all the best. 
                               In the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2019