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To a letter of condolences to all staff during  Labour Day holiday

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All the comrades of the staff and workers:
spring wind is mighty, everything recovers. On the occasion of the arrival of "hi" International Labour Day, on behalf of the Central Asian Board of Directors and all the shareholders, I would like to extend my high respects and holiday greetings to all the employees who have quietly dedicated themselves to the production "line" position on behalf of the Central Asian Board of Directors and all the shareholders. Say it! thank you for your hard work! Hard work to achieve great work, sweat cast brilliant. So far this year, under the correct leadership of the company's board of directors, all the work has achieved gratifying results, these achievements have condensed your hard work and sweat, engraved with your struggle and dedication. Every month since the beginning of the new year, the quantity of orders has far exceeded the planned production volume. The more this critical moment, the more you carry forward the fine tradition of the working class, work hard and make positive progress. With the concerted efforts of all the staff, the task is exceeded every month to support the sales staff who struggle on the front line in a timely manner. You work hard, self-reliance, self-improvement, pioneering, innovative, actively for the development of the company to move bricks and tiles. In the job, you love the job, dedication, selfless dedication, under difficult conditions, with hard hands and hard sweat in the ordinary job to create extraordinary results, In the various positions in the company played the labor of the past cast brilliance, now more need to advance. I hope that your staff will be more motivated to work, backward to catch up with the advanced, advanced more advanced. I firmly believe that with the creative work of all staff and workers, our unity and struggle, tenacious struggle and hard work, we will use the hands and wisdom of the Central Asian people to create a better career together.
Bad tomorrow. It's a long way to go, full of pride. Our tasks are heavy and arduous, and we are full of confidence in the future. We must always maintain a sense of distress, carry forward the spirit of innovation and enterprising, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, unite the forces of development, vigorously promote standardized management, and consolidate the sense of team. We will enhance the competitive strength of enterprises and strive for the common realization of the dream of Central Asia. Finally, I wish all the staff a happy holiday, good health, family happiness and good luck.                         
                                                                                   Chairman: Li Xinde  
                                                                                      29 April 2019