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Warm congratulations on the successful completion of the office building of Jiangxi Central Asia Science and Technology Co., Ltd

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Li Xinde (middle), chairman of Central Asia Science and Technology Board, took a group photo with leaders at all levels and functional departments, representatives of finance department and entrepreneurs of Dongxiang County who came to congratulate him.
At 8:28 a.m. on February 28, 2014, Jiangxi Central Asia Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was in full swing with fireworks. Chairman Li Xinde warmly welcomed the leaders of Dongxiang County at all levels and the leaders of various functional departments, representatives of the finance department and entrepreneurs to express his heartfelt thanks. Leading guests gathered to congratulate on the completion of the Central Asia Science and Technology Office Building.
In April 2013, the Central Asian Company entered Dongsheng Industrial Park in Dongxiang, Jiangxi Province, and started construction. It invested 200 million yuan, covering an area of 167 mu. The first phase of the construction area reached 40,000 square meters. It built a modern and beautiful garden-style office area, living area and green production area. The successful completion of the office building will mark the confidence and strength of the enterprise, witness the new milestone of the Central Asian Company and the superior office environment. Comfortable living environment and garden-like production environment will comprehensively enhance the good image of enterprises.