Chairman Feng and Minister Zhao of the CPPCC of Cangnan County of Zhejiang Province visited our company for inspection.





Zhejiang Cangnan Visiting Leaders Visit Central Asia Company
On the afternoon of April 12, 2016, Chairman Feng of the CPPCC of Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province, Minister Zhao and other leaders visited our company for a visit and on-the-spot investigation. They expressed their condolences to the entrepreneurs of Cangnan villagers in Jiangxi, understood our company's future development strategic plan and put forward constructive suggestions. Mr. Li Xinde, chairman of our company, accompanied the whole process and explained in detail the development focus and business ideas of the enterprise.




Mr. Li Xinde, Chairman of Central Asia Science and Technology, accompanied the leaders of the CPPCC to visit the production workshop.




Visiting Leaders Discuss in VIP Hall of Central Asia Company
After listening to the detailed report of our chairman, Mr. Li Xinde, on the future development strategy plan of the enterprise in the VIP room of Central Asia Company, the visiting leaders conducted in-depth interaction and communication, and made a detailed understanding of our products "Enjia raincoat cloth and Enxing raincoat film". At the same time, they put forward constructive suggestions conducive to the long-term development of our company, and pointed out that our company takes the development brand strategy as the focus of industrial development, based on the business philosophy of "high-quality city, science and technology", it has been highly recognized by the market.




Visiting leaders take a group photo in front of the landscape culture of Central Asian enterprises
In 2016, Central Asia Science and Technology will promote the development of enterprise industry through continuous independent innovation and keeping pace with the times, further realize the development mode of product diversification and enhance the brand value of enterprises, meet the needs of market development, and make Central Asia contribute more to the development of China's plastic products industry.

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Wen Zhenkui, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Fuzhou Municipal People's Procuratorate and Chief Prosecutor, and others visited Jiangxi Zhongya Technology Co., Ltd.

On the morning of April 17, the Fuzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate held a research symposium on “Asking Enterprises and Protecting Enterprises and Aviation” at Jiangxi Zhongya Technology Co., Ltd. Before the symposium, Wen Zhenkui, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chief Prosecutor of the Fuzhou Municipal Procuratorate, led members of the research team including Wang Ting, Director of the Third Procuratorial Department, Wang Ping, Director of the Fifth Procuratorate Department, and Li Xiaojun, Director of the Sixth Procuratorate Department, at the Party Secretary and Procuratorate of the Dongxiang District People’s Procuratorate. Deputy Prosecutor General Wang Jianghui accompanied the visit and investigation of Zhongya Technology; Li Xinde, member of the Standing Committee of the Fuzhou CPPCC, Chairman of the Fuzhou Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, and Chairman of Jiangxi Zhongya Technology, extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Prosecutor General Wen Zhenkui and his delegation and accompanied them Research.