Central Asia Science and Technology Convenes 2018 Expanded Senior Management Conference



Do not forget your initiative mind Keeping in Mind its Mission and Continuously Promoting the Healthy Development of Central Asian Science and Technology


The chairman made an important speech at the meeting
On April 7, 2018, the Central Asia Science and Technology Senior Management Conference was held in the conference room on the third floor of the company. All members of the company's board of directors, main leaders of various departments, directors and squad leaders of various production workshops all attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Liu Jingli of the company's personnel department. At the meeting, Chairman Li Xinde announced the management work adjustment plan and related personnel appointments and made important speeches and work instructions.
Chairman Li Xinde pointed out at the meeting: In the year of deepening reforms, the unstable factors of the market economy have not been completely eliminated. The company's general policy is to "seek progress while maintaining stability and continuous innovation" and concentrate on building a good brand. How to stimulate the vitality of the company and better promote the healthy development of the enterprise is the main problem. We must keep our responsibilities and missions in mind, be loyal to our duties, work diligently, contribute to the development and healthy growth of science and technology in Central Asia, and live up to the trust and trust of the board of directors.
First, the middle and senior management of the company should have a high sense of responsibility, stimulate the innovation vitality of employees, innovative thinking. The second is to build a team as the starting point to create a good working atmosphere. Give full play to the wisdom and role of middle and senior management. Strengthen the construction of ideology, organization, and system, especially the middle and high-level management team, and improve the ability to grasp, organize and lead, cooperate and work together, and solve problems and make decisions.
The chairman pointed out: In the face of the new era, Central Asia Science and Technology shoulders the important task and trust of the times. On the road to a new journey, we will build Central Asia Science and Technology into a domestic industry leader with more high morale and more heroic passion. Enterprises and international first-class brands write a more splendid chapter for the realization of the two goals and two dreams of Central Asia Science and Technology.
The chairman made an important speech at the meeting

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