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Dear friends from all walks of life:
Welcome to Jiangxi Central Asia Technology Co. Ltd, on behalf of the Jiangxi science and Technology Co., Ltd. and all staff of Central Asia, Central Asia and all to you give care, support and help of friends from all walks of life, to extend my sincere greetings and highest respect, may our friendship with the further communication and forever.
Central Asia has ten centers: Brand Trade Center, technology research and development center, manufacturing center, quality inspection center, customer service center, service center, storage and transportation of raw materials procurement center office center, Center for human resources, property, supervision center, set product development, manufacturing, sales, after sale service of transportation, adhere to "strives for the survival by the quality, credibility and development" business philosophy in Zhejiang and Central Asia plastic limited company is to serve you.
To the vast sea, many ships compete. Confidence makes us in the competition and development, opportunities and challenges of the environment more confidence in the foot, carry forward the "unity, hard work, truth-seeking, innovative" spirit of enterprise to enterprise of every person in the life and work of shining the light of wisdom, the company now owns "Enza raincoat cloth", "Tu Xing raincoat film" two big brands, product best-selling domestic and Southeast Asian countries, technical strength and strong marketing team, sophisticated production equipment, with the deepening of ISO9001: quality management system in the development of high and new technology products, sales increased exponentially. Vigorously promote bilateral cooperation to create a win-win situation. This is our wealth and value, is the Central Asia to provide each service power and faith for customers. With excellent product quality, product quality supervision and examination by Chinese association were awarded "China green products", "China BrandName", "Chinese famous brand", "quality good faith enterprise grade AAA" in the title and certificate.
Asia technology will continue to follow the trend of global market, strong grasp opportunities, keep pace with the times, pioneering and innovative, gave birth to the outstanding culture, shaping people to mature management, incentive people taking advantage of the salary, and all my colleagues to work together, jointly promote greater across Central Asia and Central Asia, a new development of the brilliant science and technology.